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Better Roads Programme

While major roads across the UK are operated and maintained by the Highways Agency, West Sussex County Council is responsible for the upkeep and integrity of the vast majority of the roads network serving the County.

Each year the team responsible for planning and carrying out necessary maintenance to our road surfaces are challenged to keep the traffic flowing and protect over 3988 km of road from deteriorating.In recent years the focus has been on the network of main routes connecting towns and villages.

Recognising that there is a need now to improve a significant number of “unclassified” roads, approximately 440km of our residential streets and rural lanes, West Sussex has planned an investment of £30million over two years, the Better Roads Programme.

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To find out whether your road is on the Better Roads Programme use the Search feature below. Sites marked (BRP) are covered under this programme.

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You can look for works that are planned for your street during the year 2014/15 by entering the street name below;

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